NITO BREA COMMON SENSE: The commonest of senses applied to padel


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En heltäckande referensbok om padel och dess utmaningar utfrån flera perspektiv såsom teknik, taktik och psykologi. Vill du djupdyka i alla aspekter för att bli en bättre padelspelare är detta boken för dig. Boken är skriven av den mycket respekterade argentiska padeltränaren Nito Brea som också är pappa till Delfi Brea som spelar på World Padel Tour. 

"I tend to say that padel is not just my profession, but part of my life. I have already achieved many of my dreams and this book is one more of those; it is my way of giving something back, of so much that I have received. Seeing it now, translated into both English and French is much more than I could have ever imagined.

Many people have asked me what made me write this book and dedicate so much time to it. The answer is simple; I wanted to share my thoughts, concepts and experiences, to try to tell them in the best way I know: with irony, humour and an eagerness to help you improve. It is with this aim in mind that I selected the content, came up with the illustrations, and tried to find the easiest way possible to convey concepts in this book that may not be that easy.

I would like you to be able to incorporate this book as a constant reference guide, when faced with certain situations that you may encounter during your matches. This book was meant for those players and coaches who want to understand the technical, tactical and psychological aspects of padel.

Along the different sections of this book I try to use the didactics of humor and irony. My idea is to make some situations or concepts look ridicule so that you can understand why to do this or that and the possible reasons that lead you to make certain mistakes or do not compete “well”.

I have had the privilege of training players who have become professionals and I describe many situations and anecdotes so that I can explain the concepts I deal with.
I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I encourage you to share it your friends and rejoice in every point, every game and every set of the match.

Nito Brea"

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